The Samurai Starter ecosystem is fueled by our native $SAM token.

The $SAM token rewards participation across the entire Samurai Starter ecosystem and is designed to deliver tremendous benefits to the Samurai Starter community. The more you participate, the more you earn, the more future benefits you may enjoy. $SAM is minted on Ethereum layer-2 Base with a maximum supply of 100m tokens.

$SAM Tokenomics

Total Supply: 130,000,000 $SAM
Token Standard: ERC-20
Blockchain: Base
Token Contract: Coming soon
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$SAM Cashback Reward (coming soon)

$SAM rewards are bought from the market and distributed to Samurai Starter token offering participants based on their position on the SAM Ladder. $SAM rewards are vested over a period of three months, but users can choose to claim rewards early with a 20% penalty. All $SAM penalties accrued by Samurai Starter are redistributed as bribes to incentivize liquidity on Aerodrome DEX.

My Lifetime $SAM EarningsX.XX
My Pending $SAM RewardsX.XX

$SAM Ladder (coming soon)

The SAM Ladder represents your lifetime $SAM rewards in relation to all other wallets that have earned $SAM since its inception. The SAM Ladder shows your cumulative earnings regardless of what you do with the rewards. You can claim, provide liquidity, or trade your $SAM rewards without affecting your position on the SAM Ladder. Climb the SAM Ladder for tremendous platform benefits including the chance for airdrops, special giveaways, exclusive deals, and much more!

Total Platform $SAM earningsX.XX$SAM
My Lifetime $SAM EarningsX.XX$SAM
My SAM Ladder TierTier X
My $SAM Cashback RateX.XX%
My position
Top 5%
Top 10%
Top 25%
Top 50%
Bottom 50%

$SAM Airdrop

CFI holders, stakers, and LP providers can claim $SAM at 1:1 ratio to their CFI holdings. 50% of the airdrop can be claimed at TGE with the remaining 50% claimable linearly over 5 months.