Buy a SamNFT for lifetime VIP access to the hottest launchpad on the market!

SamNFT holders are the core of the Samurai Starter community — pick up yours on OpenSea to gain access to tremendous benefits including lifetime top-tier launchpad access, cashback rewards, and more!


Check out the amazing benefits you can expect to enjoy as a proud owner of our SamNFT:

Lifetime Launchpad Access

Enjoy lifetime access to all token offerings on Samurai Starter. By holding SamNFT, you enjoy guaranteed whitelisting to amazing token offerings from the most innovative and hyped projects in the Web3 space.

$SAM Airdrop

Our loyalty reward token, $SAM, is scheduled to launch Q1 2024 on Base. Purchase a SamNFT during the minting period to be eligible to receive a generous share of the total supply of $SAM tokens. 10% of the entire $SAM supply will be claimed by SamNFT minters!

Cashback Rewards

SamNFT holders who participate in token offerings on Samurai Starter are eligible to receive cashback rewards in the form of $SAM tokens. We love loyalty and want to reward it! The more you participate, the higher you climb the SAM Ladder, the more $SAM rewards you earn. The SAM Ladder shows your ranking among all $SAM earners. Climb The Ladder to earn up to 5% cashback on your token offering purchases.

SamNFT Rentals

Not interested in participating in an upcoming token offering? Want to earn some passive income from your SamNFT? Holders can offer their SamNFTs for rent on our in-house SamNFT rental marketplace! Set your desired price and length of time of the rental and lease your SamNFT to non-holders who may want to participate in token offerings, but do not want to risk waiting for the public round. It is a win-win for all!

VIP Access to Samurai Sanka

Samurai Sanka is our upcoming community interaction platform. It includes a Partner Quest Platform, Prediction Markets, Lotteries and many more entertaining applications that will allow you to utilize your $SAM rewards and become high-value participants. As a SamNFT holder, you receive special VIP perks including reward boosts for participating on Sanka.

Eligibility for special giveaways

When Samurai Starter brings in new projects for either our accelerator, crowdfunding platform, or other services, we always aim to acquire freebies for our community whether they be tokens, NFTs, or some other digital gifts. As a SamNFT holder, you will be immediately eligible to receive such gifts from our partners and others.

DAO Governance Rights

As SamNFT holders, the decision to launch a project is in your hands. The number of holders who express interest in a token offering will determine whether we launch the project and the size of the allocation we secure so that everyone who is interested can get the token allotment they desire.

These are just a few of the utilities provided by the SamNFT. We are delighted that you are going to join us on this journey and we will always strive to bring more and more value and benefits to our early SamNFT supporters.



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