MemePad is here to bring order to the chaos of the memecoin space. With strict vetting procedures and built-in anti-rug protection, they're creating a secure, high-quality launchpad for the 'hottest memecoins on Solana and beyond' where degens can chase 100x moonshots with confidence.

Project TokensSolana
Current Phase:

IDO Start:

13 Jun, 12:00 UTC

IDO End:

14 Jun, 00:00 UTC

FCFS Start:

14 Jun, 00:00 UTC


14 Jun, 12:00 UTC

TGE Date:

17 Jun

Token Symbol:


Token Price:

$0.345 USDC



Raised: 0%Total Allocation: 0

Token Info

Token Symbol:





$6,000,000.00 USD

Exchange Listing Price:

0.6 USDC

Market Cap at TGE:

$182,250.00 USD


8% TGE + 3 month monthly vesting

Dex Screener:


MemePad is setting out to solve the trifecta of problems plaguing the memecoin space: low-quality projects, a lack of transparency from teams, and security risks. They do this by sourcing only top-quality projects with doxxed teams, subjecting them to rigorous due diligence, and launching them with built-in protection against rug pulls

Only top-tier memecoins are selected to join the MemeVerse (MemePad's line-up of launchpad alumni). To pass initial screening, a project has to have a strong long-term vision for the token growth, community, and utility.

MemePad also implements strict security procedures to keep your investments safe. We're talking audits, mandatory KYC, locked team tokens, and more. They will also run their own insurance funds, used to compensate the community in the unlikely event that a MemeVerse project is compromised and goes to zero.

$MPAD holders have the option to participate for the main token sales, or go in on exclusive early 'Ape In' rounds with cheaper prices and special bonuses.

And as a reward for participating on the platform, holders will also be getting regularly showered with airdrops sourced form MemePad's featured projects!